Mansfield Dam Scuba Park

4370 Mansfield Dam Park Rd.
Austin, TX, 78732

Entry fee: $10 per car (no dive shop on site)

As its name suggests, Mansfield Dam Park is located adjacent to Mansfield Dam on the main body of Lake Travis and serves as one of the primary access points for boaters. Other popular attractions are picnicking, swimming, and sunbathing.

Open on May 20, 2000 this newly renovated recreational area boasts a wide array of amenities for the public. Planners of Mansfield Dam park have skillfully created a park which accommodates many groups, including scuba divers, swimmers, boaters, picnickers, and nature enthusiasts.

Set back from the water's edge, a central recreation area offers picnic sites, a playground, chess tables, and a panoramic view of the Lake Travis basin.

Diving is almost as easy as stepping right from your car door into the lake. We have provided dive stairs to ease the trek from hillside to lakeside. Underwater amusement has been enhanced by the addition of four underwater dive platforms at various lake levels. Also, an underwater trail and compass course will be laid out to connect dive attractions such as sunken boats, historic dam construction materials, and geological points of interest.


  • barbecue grills

  • designated swim cove (boats prohibited)

  • drinking water

  • picnic tables

  • restrooms

  • concessions (Maximum Capacity - 30 People)

  • under water dive park

  • dive stairs 

  • courtesy dock

  • playscape

  • covered shelters

  • hiking trail

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