Open Water Express/Private Rates

Express rates apply when you need to be accommodated outside of normal posted diving schedule hours on a compressed or customized schedule- cost may vary slightly depending on the schedule requested and whether it's pool training, open water training, or both.

Academic training (remains the same)- 

Online video interactive course (10-12 hours)- $190, CLICK HERE to sign up for your online training and get started today!

Home study (includes book) with 1-2 evening workshops - $190

Classroom course (includes book and 1 evening per week at dive shop) perfect for groups!-

  • $250 for 1 person

  • $200 each for 2 people

  • $165 each for 3 people

  • $145 each for 4 more more people

Pool training-

Pool trainings that must be conducted on a weekend or requested privately outside of normal pool training schedule will cost an additional $100 per person unless there is 4 or more people (no addl charge)

open water training-

Open water training/checkout dives requested on weekdays, privately, on unscheduled weekends, or during winter months (Nov-Feb) will be an additional $100 per person per day (no group discount)

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