Regulator Service & Repair

We provide scuba regulator service and repair for Sherwood Regulators and Ocean Reef Full Face Masks

Annual service of your life support equipment ensures it will last a lifetime. Your regulator may look fine on the outside, but how about all of the fragile components inside? Generally, your regulator needs an annual checkup/service to keep your warranty in force and, more importantly, to ensure peak performance and reliability.

We can service and repair your first stage, second stage, and octopus. We use state of the art tools, including an Ultrasonic Cleaner to make sure your regulator and its parts are thoroughly cleaned. Our certified technician will inspect every component of your regulator to make sure it is operating at manufacturer specifications.


Regulator annual service rates for most regulators (listed pricing does not apply to Ocean Reef full face dive masks) - 1st stage $35.00, 2nd stage $17.50, Octo's $17.50, Gemini $25.00 (this is pricing for labor and does not include parts)
Parts per stage and brand vary but generally average $70-$100 total for full set of rebuild parts for first stage and both second stages  - Please email or call for parts pricing on your specific regulator


(FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT ON REPAIR PARTS FOR BOTH 1ST & 2ND STAGES ON SHERWOOD PRODUCTS IF SERVICED ANNUALLY and if purchased from The Dive Shop) does not apply to annual preventative maintenance of parts due to normal wear/tear such as O-rings, filters, and seals.


Turnaround Time:

about 2-3 weeks unless a specific part needs to be ordered from manufacturer. Additional fee for rush service