Texas Gulf Oil Rig Diving

via Fling Charters Live-Aboard

Diving the Oil Rig- visibility 60-100 feet, rig sits in 300 feet of water but diving depths range from 20-100 feet. Typically 1 rig dive will be made on the Fling Charters trip.

High Island 389

This magnificent rig, a mile from the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary's East Flower Garden Bank mooring, is one of my all-time favorite dives. Live-aboard dive boats like the M/V Fling offer at least one rig dive on their runs from Freeport, Tex., to the three sanctuary reefs. High Island 389 is situated in 400 feet of cobalt blue sea and flaunts iridescent blue tube sponges and bright-red encrusting sponges along with a dense cover of white, fuzzy hydroids and octocorals. Spanish hogfish, puffers and angelfish flit and flutter around the struts and columns. The visibility here often exceeds 100 feet, and the wildlife encounters range from tiny seaweed blennies to eight-foot silky sharks. There's at least one resident loggerhead turtle at 389, and whale sharks cruise through from time to time.

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