The Kraken Shipwreck and Stetson Bank

via Fling Charters Dive Boat out of

Freeport, Texas

Access to dive this boat is through the dive charter live-aboard Fling Charters (see schedule on dive trips page) during the weekday charters. 2 out of 7 scheduled dives will be made at this site. The top of the ship can be accessed at appx 60 feet, max depth to the sand is 140 feet. Typical visibility 60-100 feet. Must have wreck diver certification to be able to penetrate bridge.

Stetson Bank is the third reef of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary trio of jewels located in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, 75 to 115 miles off the Texas coast. All of the sanctuary reefs sit atop salt domes formed 190 million years ago; unlike its two cousins 35 miles away, Stetson Bank has a base of siltstone and claystone rather than a limestone substrate produced by corals.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Artificial Reef Program sank a 371-ft cargo vessel, named The Kraken, January 2017. Dubbed the Kraken after the mythical, squid-like sea monster immortalized on film and in literature, the vessel was sunk 67 miles off the coast of Galveston to create a new artificial reef

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